All these happy pupils have every reason to celebrate

They have all recently passed their test and know they made the right choice of driving school

Congratulations to them all


Even when I was younger I looked forward to driving ,so for my 17th birthday there was only one thing I expected. I started my lessons with Phil on my birthday and he was great, you always know what you're doing with him and how to improve. Despite some problems (on my behalf, lol) along the way I passed first time round, so thanks and I would recommend anyone wanting to drive to choose Phil as well.  

David form Bristol



I chose L2P Driving School because my friends said it is a local school with an excellent reputation and I'm so glad I did! Thank you for getting me through the test first time and for making the process so enjoyable.  

Andy   Warmley



I was very apprehensive about having driving lessons. I had had a couple when I had just turned 17, with an awful, mean instructor so I was put off lessons for awhile. I explained this to Phil and he was very understanding. he let me take lessons at my own pace, and the first lesson we had , he let me get used to the car and helped me position my seat etc.
he was very helpful throughout my lessons, explaining manouvers and theory very carefully before letting me attempt them. I felt very safe in the car and this greatly reduced my anxiety about driving. Because of his tuition, I passed my test first time after only 32 lessons.  

Lauren   Bristol



When I started my driving lessons I was very apprehensive but Phil made me feel much more relaxed. I found him very helpful, friendly and pleasant, and he was also flexible regarding lessons times and where he picked me up. There was not anything I think that my instructor could have done differently, I think  L2P Driving School is an excellent driving school and the tuition was brilliant. I would definitely recommend  L2P Driving School to anyone learning to drive.   

Adam  Bath



When I first started my lessons with Phil I had never driven a car before. Obviously i was nervous about driving for the first time, however Phil was a very patient instructor and that certainly helped greatly from day one. I noticed over my few months with Phil that he was a perfectionist, and he certainly tried to make sure that my driving was 100% . The good thing I thought about Phil's instruction was that it was fun whilst being hard working, and even when mistakes were made, he made sure that I had eradicated them before i moved on to other aspects of the course. Phil had made absolutely sure that I was ready for my driving test before letting me book it. I did successfully pass, and I would think that for money's worth in terms of lessons and enjoyment as well as test success, Phil's instruction certainly suited me, and will most definitely suit many others.   

Chloe   Bath



It was my third go at learning to drive and I really needed my licence to give me more freedom. As soon as i had my first lesson i knew L2P Driving School was right for me. My instructor was clear and concise and we followed a syllabus, which made learning each skill a lot easier. My instructor was completely professional and my confidence greatly increased. Out of all my past lessons i felt for once that i was competent enough to take my driving test. Which I did and i passed first time.

Liz   Keynsham



Learning to drive with you was a completely different experience to when I failed twice with other driving schools. You were always reliable, patient and thorough. You really put your all into the job and I appreciated it when you let lessons run over just to make sure I understood something properly. Thank you Phil! Being able to drive has made life so much easier for me and the children.     

Emma  Kingswood



A few years ago I learnt how to drive and took a test and sadly failed. Driving then took a back seat. A few years later, a bit older and wiser, I decided to take it up again. This time I was determined to pass. After asking around I was recommended to L2P Driving School. I must say that if it was not for Phil's patience I don't think I could of made it. Phil was understanding, I sometimes got so upset that I started to cry, how sad is that!!! I just want to say thank you for the support and hard work, as I know I was "hard work" and I would not have the confidence I have now if it was not for Phil's fantastic instruction.  

Taz   Keynsham



My son Tom was learning to drive with L2P Driving School. I would just like to say a big "Thank you" for helping my son pass his driving test first time. The instructor made him feel confident in him-self and encouraged him all way. I will definatly be using you again in a year  when my other son decides to learn to drive. Thank you so much.   

Wendy    Bristol



I was pretty nervous at first but Phil quickly built my confidence. We followed a structured course of lessons, gradually building my skills on the road, and as a result I passed my test at the first attempt.



I have never met anyone as easygoing as Phil - he stayed calm when I panicked, didnít get fazed when I hit the kerbs, and I think was the only person who couldíve got me through the test!

he is absolutely fantastic at putting you at your ease, and equally as good at pushing you into doing something you are reluctant to do. he is patient, friendly and professional, and I am so grateful to him for getting me through my learner months. he gave me the confidence to make me believe I could pass my test!      

Tanya   Warmley


Phil, just a quick note to say many thanks for all the help and assistance you have given me over the past couple of months. After taking so long and chopping and changing instructors so much, I was beginning to wonder when I would pass.  

Amy   Oldland