Getting the Best Value

    Always a tricky one this! Everyone wants good value for money, but this doesn't just mean the cheapest. You have to look at the whole package. When booking lessons with me you get all of the following benefits.

With all these benefits you are definitely getting the best value for your money.

My pupils obviously agree as most of my bookings come by personal recommendation

    You want to learn how to drive safely, for life, and pass your test in the shortest time. Unfortunately there is no short cut for the amount of time and effort required for learning and practice - likewise there is no financial short cut by not having the best value lessons available.

Trainee Licences - Beware

    Many schools, both national and local, use trainee instructors, but often don't tell the pupils. These have a pink triangular licence in the windscreen instead of the green octagonal licence displayed by fully qualified Instructors. You need to check this with any school you are thinking of going with because they are not treating you as a pupil, you are a guinea pig being used to help them pass their exams, and if they don't pass you will be left without an instructor!

    The path to becoming a fully qualified instructor is long and arduous and many trainees at the beginning are just not up to it.  

Block Discount

    If you book, and pay, for a block of 12 or more lessons you will get each lesson nearly 2 per hr less. Or pay for 11 lessons and get the 12th free, depending how you like to look at it!

No Surcharge

    All prices are set at a standard rate, there is no surcharge for weekend or evening lessons.


    20 per hr

    29.50 for 1 1/2 hrs

    39 for 2 hrs

    220 per block of 12 lessons

    22 per hr for refresher lessons

            Pass Plus

           132 for 6 hrs


    Lessons can be paid for by cash, or cheque, (with bankers card)


Please note payments must be made before the lessons except in exceptional circumstances.


Free Lessons