All lessons are carried out in a  smart, professional, patient & friendly manner in a modern dual controlled car by a fully qualified DSA,ADI Instructor working with a well known Local Driving School, and all lessons comply with their code of conduct.

      All lessons will be on a one to one basis with no "piggybacking" so you will not be dropping off the last pupil or picking up the next one!


      Lessons will be tailored to your personal requirements and are usually 1hr 1.5hrs or 2hrs however longer hours for more intense courses can be arranged if required.


Before your first lesson Free pick-up & drop off First Lesson
Lesson Structure How Many Lessons  Booking Lessons


Free Lessons




Before your first lesson


     As soon as I receive your contact details I will contact you to arrange your first lesson and confirm date, time and pick-up location. Before your first lesson you must check:-

     *   That your eyesight meets the minimum required standard

     *   That you possess a valid Provisional Driving Licence

Both of these will be checked at the beginning of your first lesson.


Free pick-up & drop off


     Free pick-up & drop-off from anywhere within my working area. If required it can usually be arranged that the drop off point is a different location than pick-up  Ideal for Pick-up from work, drop off at home or pick-up from home drop off in town, etc. This must be within the working area and will be dependant on my next lesson so must be arranged beforehand.


First Lesson


     Firstly we will sort out any paperwork and I will check your driving licence and eyesight, whilst doing this we will have a brief chat so as I can discover your previous driving experience (if any) and assess your level of driving ability. I will then drive you to a quiet location demonstrating the basic principals of driving as we go. Then if you have never driven before I will explain to you what all the controls are and how they work. I will then explain the simple basics of getting the car to safely move off and stop.


     Then it's your turn!! - Plenty of driving practice with as much encouragement and tuition as you need. By the end of your first lesson you will certainly be able to safely drive along the road and stop when required all on your own. You may be able to do considerably more, it depends on previous experience, length of lesson and your aptitude for learning. It's your lesson - you learn at your speed!


Lesson Structure


     All lessons will be tailored to your personal requirements but all will be run along similar lines. Firstly there will be a very brief recap to establish any existing knowledge and to see how much you remember from your previous lessons. Then the objectives of the lesson will be clearly explained so as you know exactly what you will be doing and what targets you will be aiming for during the lesson. If the lesson is introducing you to a subject you have not covered before then there will be a brief explanation of exactly what is required, how to do it and why.


     Don't be put off if all the above sounds a bit boring! It is essential that you know what you will be doing at the beginning of a fully structured lesson and don't just aimlessly drive round in circles. Rest assured that you will spend most of your lesson actually driving.


How many lessons?


    All people learn at different rates so it is impossible to answer this question accurately, the DSA suggest, on average, you will need two hours of professional tuition for every year of your age, 1.e. the average 20 year old will require 40 hrs tuition. However this figure can usually be dramatically reduced if you treat your training as a complete package and not just as lessons. Whilst there is no substitute for professional tuition there is a vast array of other training aids available to help you, these include books, Cds, DVDs, lots of web based info (see "Training Aids" page) and of course private practise if this is possible. The more studying and practise you can do the better value you will get from your lessons.


Booking Lessons


     To book your lessons you can contact me by phone on 0117 961 6718 or 07951 235246 or by email philip.m.jones@talk21.com  However as I am out on the road a lot of the time you may not always be able to contact me directly so please leave a name and contact number or email address and I will call you back to discuss your requirements and arrange first lesson - it's that simple!!